There may be occasions when you believe that there should be an alert on a patient home screen but it isn't showing. 

A good example is Asthma patients who don't have an alert for 'Consider Influenza Vaccination' on their home screen. 

With the patient record open go to 

Reporting > Clinical Reporting > Arden's Ltd >  and find the report that you are interested in. 

In our example scenario above this would be 

Vaccinations > Subreports Influenza > Inclusion: Chronic Respiratory Disease - Asthma

Right click on the report and select 'Run on Current Patient' and you should see lots of red crosses on the Failure Reasons. This tab is quite useful but clicking on the 'Complete Evaluation Output' will give you more detail. 

Expand everything by clicking on the little black triangles to the left. And now you can see this patient is diagnosed with Asthma but not eligible for the influenza vaccination because in the last 365 days there has been no:

  • Admissions for asthma
  • Issues of a drug in the 'Inhaled Corticosteroids' action group 
  • Issues of a drug in the 'Glucocorticoid therapy' action group 

Having said that, a clinical decision can be made that this patient should have the influenza vaccination and if that is the case then read code '9OX4 Needs influenza immunisation' can be applied to the record which would then make the patient eligible for the vaccination and the practice can claim for this.


You can follow this process on any of the reports to find out why the alert is not on the patient.