To minimise the risk of 2ww referrals not being seen within a timely manner, please follow the below:

For signs & symptoms that are worrying but do not fit NICE 2ww referral criteria:

1. Inform the patient of their referral and check their understanding

2. Give the patient a written plan

3. Book any further required investigations

4. Follow-Up the patient by booking a timely appointment for them

For signs & symptoms that fit NICE 2ww Referral Criteria:

1. Inform the patient of their referral and check their understanding

2. Print the patient a Safety Netting Letter before they leave the appointment

3. Write the referral letter (click the 'Orange Arrow' icon under the patient's name)

4. Send the referral on e-RS using the correct ‘fast track referral’ read code

5. Run the safety net reports on a daily basis and follow-up as required. Go to Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Referrals > Safety Net and here you will find some reports that identify patients who have had a 2ww referral letter done (using Ardens) or a 2ww referral read code on their record without a more recent ‘seen in fast track clinic’ code.

TIP: If you are not going to do the referral immediately, send yourself an urgent task to remind you to do this after your surgery.

TIP: Create a batch report for these two reports so that a member of your team (or group) get sent this as a daily task

TIP: To ensure that these reports do not include patients unnecessarily, please make sure your Document Processing team add the ‘Seen in fast track suspected cancer clinic XaPyg’ read code when they receive a corresponding clinic letter. 

Please also note that on the rare occasion that a patient has been referred for two separate 2ww referrals within the same time frame, these patients will be removed from this report after they have been seen in the first clinic. Please therefore ensure these patients are followed-up additionally to this process.