The Mental Health SMI (Severe Mental Illness) Review template can be accessed from the top of the main 'Bipolar Disorder' and 'Psychotic Disorder' templates. It can also be accessed from the 'Long Term Conditions' template as part of the LTC Resources on Ardens.

The template includes useful links to further templates, safeguarding resources, care plans and more.

At present, SMI reviews include patients with a diagnosis of a bipolar or psychotic disorder. A patient with depression, anorexia or another mental health illness could also be defined as having a Severe Mental Illness and could have the 'On SMI Register' read code added to their record, but because of how QOF has historically defined Mental Health as bipolar and psychotic disorders only, these patients are not included in SMI reviews at present.

Reporting for NHSE

Reports are available for all of the components of the SMI review. These can be found in 'Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Contracts | Current Financial Year NHSE > Q4 2019 2020'. 

There are some differences to the NHSE Technical Specification

- Some CTv3 codes do not exist so the equivalent SNOMED-CT code has been used

- Only BMI is reported on as waist circumference is not required in the specification

- Only BP is reported on as pulse is not required in the specification

Data Extraction  

To easily submit your data to your CCG or NHSE:

  • Select all reports in the 'SMI Quarter 2019 2020' folder and run all
  • Right click on any of the reports
  • Select 'Tables > Open as CSV'
  • Save it to a suitable location

Work to Do

'Work to do' reports are available in 'Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Contracts | Current Financial Year NHSE > Work To Do 2019 2020'.  These reports cover the 6 measurements or data capture requirements in Part 2 of the health check core standards.