The Cancer Care Review can be located in auto-consultations > ardens CONSULTATIONS CANCER.  It can also be found attached to any of the cancer templates in the same folder or by clicking the CC below the patient's name.

You can also attach any of these templates to the F12 launcher.


- tick to add the CCR QOF code  (Note: when a red star is visible it indicates that there is QOF income available for completing that field)

- Cancer Treatment Summary button

Use this screen to view information already on the record such as the diagnosis, operations, chemotherapy and genetics.  To update any codes and add dates use the R, dropdown menus and the calendar boxes.  

To add any more CCR information either free-text into the boxes provided or use the presets

- Tools are attached to record any vital/lifestyle information or carry out any scored assessments.  


Add a code of the patients current condition 


- Access leaflets, add carer information, med3, do a drug review, future care planning (Note: you can access this for quick adding or viewing by clicking the below the patient's name in the record), end of life (Note: record a MDT review from here or access the EOL formulary and local drug chart) or view the oncology referral criteria.  

Don't forget to ok the template and save the record when finished.

Note: If you need any help please click help & feedback at the top right hand corner of the template and click contact us if you wish to fill in the online form for help.