Access the Implant template by going to auto-consultations > ardens PROCEDURES and CONSENT FORMS > Implant.  Alternatively,  add the template to the F12 launcher.  

There are five main tabs; assessment, fitting, review, replacement, removal.


Considered - Tick to record that pregnancy, insertion timing and other contraception have been discussed.  

Assign a UK MEC risk score using the drop-down menu or click to open the MEC Risk template.

Discussed - tick that risks and benefits have been discussed.  These are noted in grey writing next to the section.  

Discuss or prescribe condoms.  Consider safeguarding, STIs or give a leaflet.  

The Nexplanon can also be ordered at this time.  Discuss if they are overdue a smear, take consent and book the next appointment using follow-up.

Note: it is possible to add notes when ticking the boxes by using the pencil icon


Take consent if not done already.  Complete the details of the arm, record aseptic technique and add a local anaesthetic prescription.  

The blue star indicates that payment is linked to this field   The Nexplanon prescription can be done if it hasn't already.  

Record and prescribe steri-strips and dressings.  Palpable, unsuccessful, assistant and chaperone can all be completed.   

Record that the Nexplanon card has been given and add a recall using the follow-up button.


Use this tab to record that the implant has been checked 


This tab is for removing and replacing the implant in the same appointment.  There are two blue starsto ensure are actioned in order to receive the income.   


Record the pre-procedure discussion - including LARC advice

Add the procedure detail - anaesthetic, Nexplanon removal, any dressing or sutures and who assisted or chaperoned.  Don't forget if another appointment is needed or a recall use the follow-up button.  

Note: If you need any help please click help & feedback at the top right hand corner of the template and click contact us if you wish to fill in the online form for help.