The Hypertension Consultation template can be found by either going to Auto-Consultations > ardens CONSULTATIONS D to L > Hypertension or by clicking the BP icon under the patient's name.

The Hypertension consultation template has six pages:

1. Consultation:

This page has ample space for for documenting in free text, the overall assessment and management plan:

2. Suspected Hypertension:

This is where initial BP readings will be documented. Traffic-lights help guide the interpretation of these readings, with check boxes below this to cover all the various management outcomes:

3. Diagnosis:

This page will guide what stage of hypertension the pt has with the help of traffic-light check boxes:

4. Hypertension Review:

This page documents the overall impression of the level of BP control, and next steps for follow up. Embedded on here is the NICE Patient Decision Aid, and Hypertension & CVD Primary Prevention formularies. The bottom of this page has a Hypertension Care Plan, and CVD Care Plan:

5. Referral:

Colour-coded urgent and routine referral criteria can be found here:

6. Resources:

This list of resources includes the NICE Visual Summary, and NICE Patient Decision Aid:

Hypertension Formulary:

The BP thresholds and other criteria that indicate anti-hypertensive treatment, are all laid out on the home page of the template. The latest NICE recommended treatment steps are laid out in Steps 1 to 4. The NICE Visual Summary is embedded on the home page: