To access the 'Cervical Smear' template go to 'Auto-Consultations > ardens Nurses and HCAs > Cervical Smear'. If this is a template that you frequently use you can add it to your favourites on the F12 launcher.

1. Linking a result

To link a cytology result, find the cytology in the view at the bottom of the template with 'No Result Recorded', then 'Right Click > Add Result'.  This page now includes the HPV status drop down list. All the available read codes for recording the HPV based cervical screening results can be found on this tab.

2. Extra Result Information

A drop down list is available to record 'Action required'. 

3. Cytolopathology observation

The cytology read codes can be found next to 'Cytolopathology observation', and the HPV results read codes are on the 'HPV status' drop-down menu.

4. Recall Details

At the bottom of the window, if required,  a recall schedule can be set for the patient.

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