The Darbepoetin Alfa & Erythropoeitin Injection template can be found under Auto Consultation - ardens IMMS and INJECTIONS - Darbepoetin Alfa & Erythropoeitin.  

Note: If you regularly use any of the injection templates it may be useful to add the Drug Injections template to your F12 Favourites for quick access.

The template is split into 3 sections: Prescribe, Authorise and Administer.

1. Prescribe - In this section the clinician will be able to prescribe any of the relevant injections for the patient by clicking on

2. Authorise - In this section the clinician can add an Electronic PSD to the record for the Administrator to view before administering the injection. 

Presets are available to use by clicking on

Selecting this preset will open a notes box allowing it to be amended if required.

For further PSD information, click on Using PSDs

3. Administer - This can be used by the individual administering the injection to the patient.  

To view any of the PSDs recorded by a clinician in the record, simply click in the Electronic PSD box and the PSD will be visible in the Yellow box on the right hand side as detailed below. Once checked the given under PSD tick box can be selected.

Note: If there is a icon next to one of the tick boxes, these codes are required for Local Enhanced Services and will need to be ticked for payment purposes.

The template also allows the person administering to log the injection site, batch number and expiry date and a new recall if required.