Also see: Residential Institute RI Codes

Care Home Template

Access the Care Home  Residents Template from the patient's record using Auto-Consultation > ardens GENERAL > Care Home Residents. You can also just click the care home icon under the patients name to open the template as well.

2.1 Status tab

Residence - code where the patient currently resides (the yellow star indicates this code links with the Ardens clinical reports).  Tick Care Home LES if you are required to add  the code 'Care home enhanced services administration (XabBZ)'

Respite care - code if respite care is applicable.  Click Patient Care IOS to assign a residential institute code 

Named GP - code the name of the GP (use the button on the right to record a GP has been allocated and the patient has been informed)

AUA - record Avoiding Unplanned Admission care plan codes

Discharge - code an initial review after discharge and a follow-up within 3-days.  Click the Discharge Review button for the full template.

2.3. MDT Review

2.4 Initial, Review + Acute Visit

Complete the relevant information within each section; review, impression and management

Each field has a dropdown menu to select a code

There may be yellow stars to claim enhanced service payments against in the clinical report screen

Each field leads onto a button which will provide more detailed data recording options on that particular section i.e.

Challenging behaviour - access the prescribing formulary

Memory screening - access 6-CIT and other memory scores

Tip - add notes alongside the readcodes by using the pencil icon after a readcode has been selected

Use these tabs to record details of any reviews carried out, acute visits and intermediate care that is undertaken.  

2.5 Remote Encounter

2.6 Clinical Reports

Clinical Reports for Care Home activity can be found under:

Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Conditions | Frailty and End of Life

Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Contracts | PCN DES