A recent change to SystmOne has enables injectable medications to be prescribed without the ‘pers admin’ box automatically being selected.  This applies to the medications issued via our End of Life Formulary. This will mean the following steps are not required.  If there is an issue with send the medication via EPS then please try the steps below. 

When prescribing injections from the Ardens End of Life formularies, SystmOne presumes they will be personally administered. This prevents the prescription from being sent via the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS). This can be resolved by following the instructions below to manually untick the ‘pers admin’ box on the relevant prescription items.

How to manually update the prescription items

  1. The required medication should be prescribed through the Ardens End of Life formulary as usual.
  2. Right click on the prescribed medication in the view at the bottom of the template and select “Amend medication”.  
  3. From the amend acute medication screen, untick the ‘Pers admin’ box.
  4. Repeat the above steps for all medications which need to be sent via EPS