The Corticosteroid Monitoring template can be accessed from any formulary containing steroids. It can also be found in Auto-consultation > Ardens Drug Monitoring A to I. 

The template will assist with managing individual patients, with quick access to:

1. Ensure patient monitoring is up to date

2. Review GI protection, diabetes or osteoporosis risk

3. Record the provision of a steroid treatment card

Best Practice Reports

There are also some reports to help monitor patients taking corticosteroid medications.

To find these, go to 'Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Prescribing | Alert > Endocrine'

Pop-Up Alerts

When issuing a prescription for an oral, injectable or rectal corticosteroid prescription, a pop-up will appear if there has been three issues in the last 8 months and no steroid treatment card has been issued in the last 1 year. Alternatively the pop-up will appear if the patient has a read code for "Using inhaled steroid - high dose (663g2)"

From the pop-up alert, select the 'Review' option to launch the corticosteroid monitoring template and record the patient has a steroid treatment card. This will suppress the alert for 12 months.

Please note:
To stop these pop-up alerts go to Setup > Workflow Support > Protocols > Ardens > Prescribing and deselect the ‘Steroid Emergency Card' protocols.