The COVID-19 vaccination resources have all now been published in accordance with the latest guidance from the Enhanced Service specification, the JCVI Guidance and the Green Book

Following the recent changes to MHRA Guidance, patients with a history of anaphylaxis or an anaphylactoid reaction, or patients who have had an adrenaline auto-injector issued ever were originally excluded from the eligibility and invitation reports but are now included. Further reporting changes will be made should the guidance change. However, there is still a report to identify these patients under 'Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Vaccinations > COVID-19 I 2 Review Before > For review before ordering and invitations | Eligible but review as anaphylaxis or anaphylactoid reaction or adrenaline autoinjector issued'.

Due to the complexity of the COVID-19 vaccination reports and resources, these are only available for practices who are subscribed to Ardens and are not available on the Open Access group. If you do not currently subscribe to Ardens but would like to use these resources, please just sign-up to our no-obligation 3-month free trial

1. Patient Status Alert



If the patient is eligible for the COVID-19 vaccination, they will have this icon under their name. Clicking this will open the vaccination template. At present, this icon will only show for care home patients or patients who are 80 years old or over or are health and social care workers.

2. Vaccination Template

At present, GP practices have been instructed to record COVID-19 vaccinations via Pinnacle which will then record back into the patient record in SystmOne. Payments will be triggered by data recorded in Pinnacle so it is important, not to record the vaccination directly in SystmOne. For this reason, the Ardens COVID-19 vaccination template does not include options to allow you to record the actual vaccination.

The COVID-19 vaccination template does, however, have the following; 

  • A view to show vaccination eligibility and previous vaccination history
  • An assessment questionnaire
  • An electronic PSD and paper PSD
  • Data entry options to record codes including invitations, contraindications, refusals and consent
  • A resources page with links to various useful websites

The assessment questionnaire can also be completed by patients' themselves on either Airmid or SystmOnline. 

For setting this up on Airmid, go to 'Setup > Data Entry > Questionnaires'. Find the 'COVID-19 Vaccination Assessment Questionnaire'. Then right-click and copy this questionnaire, click ok and then right-click > publish to 'Patient Apps User' group. This will then appear as a survey for the patient to complete.

3. Clinical Reports 

All of the COVID-19 reports can be found by going to 'Reporting > Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Vaccinations'.

3.1 Cohorts

Go to 'Reporting > Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Vaccinations > COVID 19 I 1 Cohorts'. These cohort reports meet the requirements of the JCVI Guidance and ES specification.  The cohort numbers will not reduce when vaccinations are given and have no exclusions applied. 

3.2 Review Before 

Go to 'Reporting > Clinical Reporting > Ardens >  Vaccinations > COVID 19 I 2 Review before'.  These reports are for looking at before your vaccination invitations are sent out at your practice.  

3.2.1 For review before ordering and invitations | Check if breast feeding as pregnancy outcome in last 12m no breast feeding status

Patients who are breast feeding can now be offered the vaccination. This report identifies patients who have given birth in the last year and have no breast feeding status recorded. You may wish to contact these patients directing them to GOV.UK guidance and leaflets.

3.2.2 For review before ordering and invitations | Check if still a healthcare worker - review and confirm by adding occupation code after 01/12/2020
Occupation codes in clinical systems are notoriously unreliable and in order to be able to rely on these codes, practices should re-record the occupation code after 1st December 2020 (as a confirmation) from the COVID Vaccination template picklist. This will most likely become an annual requirement in the same way that the Health and Social Care worker codes for Seasonal Influenza have become.

To assist with good data quality a protocol has been published that will be triggered when one of the occupation codes in the list on the vaccination template is recorded. This will act as a prompt to double-check that you are actually intending to record an occupation code and not perhaps a seen by code. Practices can deactivate this pop up by going to 'Setup > Workflow Support > Protocols > Pop Ups' and unticking the Ardens 'Occupation Code' protocol.  

Included in the Healthcare Occupation Codes is 'Carer (229774002)' which is an occupation code for paid carers. There is often confusion over which codes to use for carers. More information about carer coding can be found here.

3.2.3 For review before ordering and invitations | Check if still care home patient (if not add code: lives in own home 13KD or discharge home XaApt) 

In order to assist with planning and ensuring patients are in the correct cohort, it is vital to review this list of care home residents.  

3.2.4 For review before ordering and invitations | Check if still housebound (permanently)

As with Seasonal Influenza In order to assist with planning and ensuring patients are vaccinated it is vital to review this list.

3.3 Eligible

 Go to 'Reporting > Clinical Reporting > Ardens >  Vaccinations > COVID 19 I 3 Eligible'.  These reports have exclusions applied and the numbers will reduce as vaccinations are given. Here you will find a useful breakdown of all of your eligible patients by age groups, care home, housebound and not housebound. 

3.4  Invitations 

PLEASE NOTE: There is only a single COVID vaccination invite sent code for 'SMS invite sent Y211f/1240781000000100'. At present, a code for 'email, letter or general invite sent' does not sadly exist. Whilst we normally insist on using a code that matches the activity that is performed, for the interest of delivering the COVID vaccination programme, we have advised that this code can be used if an email or letter is sent, as long as 'sent by email or letter, not SMS' is added as a note at the same time as this code.

3.4.1 Invitations - All

Go to 'Reporting > Clinical Reporting > Ardens >  Vaccinations > COVID 19 I 4 Invites for 1st vaccine I All'.

Here you will see reports for 1st, 2nd, and Not for Invitation broken down by the age groups and whether not housebound or housebound.


3.4.2 Invitations - By Prioritisation 

Go to 'Reporting > Clinical Reporting > Ardens >  Vaccinations > COVID 19 I 4 Invites for 1st vaccine I Priority'.

Due to the availability of vaccines, there may be a requirement to prioritise within the various cohorts. Particularly for the first group of 80 years and over. These reports are written following guidance. These are the same cohorts but the reports are looking for patients within each cohort with co-morbidities or a BAME ethnicity recorded. 

3.5 Reminders

Go to 'Reporting > Clinical Reporting > Ardens >  Vaccinations > COVID 19 I 5 Reminders for 2nd vaccine'

In this folder, you will see reports broken down by manufacturer that can be used to remind patients that have had their 1st vaccination recorded and no 2nd.

3.6 Review After

Go to 'Reporting > Clinical Reporting > Ardens >  Vaccinations > COVID 19 I 6 Review after'

Here you can see a report that identifies patients vaccinated that are not in any of the cohorts and potentially are Healthcare workers.  Practices should review these patients and add an occupation code from the picklist on the COVID Vaccination template. 

3.7 Activity

Go to 'Reporting > Clinical Reporting > Ardens >  Vaccinations > COVID 19 I 7 Activity'

Here you can see 1st and 2nd doses given and the number of vaccinations that have been declined by age groups.

Useful links: 

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