EMIS Health has published a COVID-19 vaccination alert protocol that offers a message in the pink "alert box" identifying patients eligible for vaccination. This protocol checks for the presence of "first dose" and "second dose" COVID-19 vaccination codes.

We have updated both of the above clinical templates to only offer these two clinical codes to record vaccine administration. Since there is no national specification on which codes should be used, previous versions of our template also included two other codes that were released by NHS Digital and could also be used to record COVID-19 vaccination.

The new template versions are:

  • COVID 19 vaccination (v16.2)
  • Novel Coronavirus COVID 19 (v16.0)

Resource Publisher sites have already been updated to these latest versions. Template Manager sites can download the latest versions from Ardens Portal (free all users, including non-subscribers).

Please note we are aware that vaccine administration is currently NOT auto-coded from the EMIS workflow. We understand that NHS Digital is in urgent discussion with EMIS Health about enabling this. Until this has been enabled practices have been asked by NHS Digital to manually code detailed vaccine administration data into the patient record. This is a time-consuming task and practices/PCNs will need to make their own decision about how they approach this.