We have moved the location of our COVID-19 vaccination searches so that all COVID related searches are now in the same folder. You will only see this change when you download version 4.1 (or newer) of our COVID searches from the Ardens Portal.

The 1.7 COVID Searches (v4.1) folder now contains the following searches and reports:

  • COVID-19 Vaccination Searches (v3.3)
  • Long COVID searches
  • CO@H Remote monitoring searches
  • Other useful COVID related searches

The updates to the COVID-19 Vaccination searches in v3.3 include:

  • Cohort 6 (age 16-64 with underlying health conditions) has been revised to remove asthmatics using steroid inhalers as these patients are NOT in cohort 6 according to The Green Book. Since they are in the current version of EMIS Web’s own cohort 6 searches we have added a separate search for these patients and practices can use these searches if they wish. Similarly EMIS Web’s own searches also include patients at “Moderate risk of complications from COVID-19” in cohort 6 and so we have also included a separate search for these patients.
  • The addition of asylum seeker and homeless status in the ‘Date and type of first COVID vaccination’ report in Folder “00. Vaccination Status”.
  • Addition of two searches in the Ardens Manager reports list. The first of these identifies Housebound patients who are in one of the eligible cohorts and who have not yet been vaccinated. The second identifies patients under 50 years old who have had a vaccine but who do not appear to be in one of the eligible cohorts.

It takes approximately 2 minutes to install this folder in EMIS Web. You may see an hourglass whilst they are installing.

The updated searches can be downloaded from the portal (www.ardens.live/portal) and further information on what has changed in this latest release can be found here.

Please note that these searches are available to all users, including non-subscribers.