We have now released the daily update to our COVID-19 vaccination searches (v4.2). As stated in my message yesterday (www.ardens.live/cohort6-update) we shall be releasing daily updates to our searches for the time-being. There is no need to download today's update unless you require the following new functionality TODAY.

  1. We have improved the accuracy of our cohort 6 searches based on feedback in the past 24 hours. Previous versions of our searches were accurate and we do not recommend that you spend time re-running these searches if you have already invited your cohort 6 patients.
  2. We have added a new folder called "Second Vaccination Recall". This contains searches for patients who had 1st vaccine more than 10 weeks ago, no 2nd vaccine, and no invite code after 1st vaccine. There is also an AccuBook ready report to use to send invites (this includes mobile numbers and home numbers as often mobile numbers are recorded in the wrong field).
  3. You will have heard yesterday that NHS Digital is centrally adding a number of patients to the Shielding (CEV) List. These patients will automatically be identified by our existing cohort 4 searches. Please just re-run these searches once your practice population has been updated with the new shielding list.

Please download these searches from www.ardens.live/portal (free for all users, including non-subscribers). The folder to download is called "1.7 COVID-19 Searches" and is on the left-hand side of the download area.

We are hearing reports that all EMIS searches (including non-Ardens searches) are taking an extremely long time to run at the moment. This is likely because many practices are running cohort 6 searches. You may wish to schedule these to run overnight.

If you require any further assistance on the process above, please contact Ardens support on: support-emis@ardens.org.uk