A number of different resources are available on Ardens to assist clinicians and GP practice in recognising cancer as early as possible to ensure that any 2ww referral is done in an appropriate and timely manner. Please also see the Cancer Overview support article for other cancer resources available.


The possible cancer templates are broken down for each system and then for each age group. The guidance on the template summarises the NG12 Suspected Cancer Guidelines and enables the clinician to easily review the criteria and record the patient's symptoms. The template will then advise what further management is required and enables the correct SNOMED-CT coding to be recorded, along with quick and easy access to the Cancer Referral & Safety Netting resources. Please see the Faecal Immunochemical Test support article for further information too.

Reports - Coming Soon

Numerous reports exist to identify patients who may require a 2ww suspected cancer referral who have not yet been referred. These codes may have been entered via a numerous set of different sources, including clinician entered data during another consultation, patient entered data via online consultations or via administrative or centrally added data.

  • ?Urology 2ww referral as >45 + unexplained visible haematuria without UTI
  • ?Urology 2ww referral as >45 + visible haematuria recurs after UTI treatment
  • ?Urology 2ww referral as >60 + unexplained non-visible haematuria + dysuria
  • ?Urology 2ww referral as >60 + unexplained non-visible haematuria + raised WCC