When prescribing medications within SystmOne that can attract an administration fee, there is a box on the prescription generation window indicating the medication is being personally administered.  

When this box is ticked, the medication will not transfer via the electronic prescription service (EPS).  

This can be inconvenient when prescribing in palliative care as anticipatory medications could be personally administered, but are more often intended to be administered at home.

The setting can be changed for your practice so that your injectable palliative medications are automatically prescribed in a way that will enable the prescription to automatically transfer to the patient's nominated pharmacy.  

In your SystmOne menu across the top of the screen, go to Set up > Users and Policy > Organisation Preferences > Prescribing > Personally administered

Ensure that your chosen injectable medications are included in the window that appears.  This will ensure the PA box is unticked when you prescribe medications from the End of Life template.

Please email support@ardens.org.uk if you have any questions or feedback.