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Interim Reviews

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Booking The Appointment

Click this icon under the patients name for the ‘Long Term Condition Review’ template, then click the ‘Booking’ tab. To ensure the correct appointment(s) are booked, both options below include instructions:

  • If a Cardiovascular, Respiratory or General Review is required, depending on your clinics
  • How long the appointment should be (ensuring appropriate time is given)

Booking Online

Patients can book appointments online using the pre-set ‘slot types’ and following instructions on the 1st invitation.

Booking Via Reception

The receptionist or admin team can book appointments using the pre-set 'free slot search' and instructions on the ‘Long Term Conditions Review’ template. If a patient declines an invitation for an annual review, just tick the ‘Declined invitation + review’ box. This will stop them being sent further invitations.

If it is not appropriate for the patient to have a review but they have not specifically declined, you can tick the 'Defaulted from follow up' box which will also exclude the patient for further invitations this year. 

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