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Click this icon under the patients name for the ‘Long Term Condition Review’ template, then click the ‘Review’ tab.

It is intended that after the initial LTC review and tests are completed, the LTC review is then done afterwards as a notes review. This is to prevent having to bring the patient in for a further appointment if everything has been completed and they are appropriately managed already. 

To find the patients who have had an initial review more than 3 days ago (so their blood results would have returned) but not had their review completed, go to Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Invitations | LTC Reviews > For Review after initial review and tests. Here you can run the reports and view the patients. You will see that the reports have also been separated, so if you have a nurse who just does asthma and COPD, they can review these patients specifically.

Once you have opened the patient's record and viewed their notes, click on the LTC icon under the patients name to open the LTC template and then click the review tab. The LTC Review tab will show you a summary of the patient's conditions and any outstanding work to do. 

After completion of all the reviews, the ‘LTC review completed’ box must be ticked that is in the red box at the bottom. This will add the read code ‘Xaagy Chronic disease management annual review completed’ and will remove the patient from the review report. Please note, this code must not be used for anything else and is only on the Ardens LTC Review template.

Tip: If when you click on the ‘Launch’ buttons a protocol appears on the right hand side of your screen, please just untick the box in the bottom right that says ‘Show this window when running protocols’.
Tip: On the ‘Drug Review’ template you can re-authorise & synchronise all their medications. Just right click one of the drugs in the view at the bottom of the template  Re-authorise > Tick ‘Synchronise all review dates to this’.

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