An audit at a Portsmouth Practice showed that those who used Ardens prescribed the correct antibiotic 100% of the time, compared to about 45% for those not using Ardens.

The ‘Common Infections’ template can be used for quick data entry and prescribing too. Find the template under auto consultations > Ardens Consultations C-D, or add it to your toolbar or your F12 for quick access.

History & Examination 

Click the ‘Notepad’ icon to the side of each free text box to easily add standard pre-set text. Don’t forget that you can press + hold the ‘Ctrl’ key to select more than one option.

Record details of the patient's vision & any vitals such as temperature

If a swab is required, click into the Swab button, record the type of swab, that the sample has been sent to the lab and access the ICE (Pathology request) button


Readcode the condition 


Add notes, give leaflets and prescriptions, readcode decision around antibiotics