The drug review template can be accessed in several ways:

1. Click the red/white pill icon on the bottom right of most of the Ardens templates

2. Click the 'Drug Review Required' Action on the patient's homescreen > click Drug review (for more information on using the 'Drug Review Required' option, see below)

3. Auto-consultation > ardens GENERAL > Drug Review - DRUM

4. Add the Drug Review template to your F12 shortcuts 

Drug Review Required

If the patient hasicon under their name, this indicates there is outstanding drug monitoring. This could be to review, reduce, increase, start or stop a medication, for example:

?Reduce dabigatran dose as CrCl 30-49

?Reduce apixaban as 2 or more of >80yr + creatinine >133  + <60kg

?Start betablocker as has CHF

?Stop COCP as >35y + smoker

Clicking on this alert icon will open the Drug Review Required template where you will see the outstanding items in the view at the top of the template. From here you can launch the drug specific monitoring templates to review each item individually, send a task to reception to book appointment, add a script message or send a text to patient. 

Drug Review Reports

You can find all the reports behind these alerts by going to Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Prescribing > Alerts | 'clinical area...'the reports are separated into system or diseases specific folders. Here you can run the report and then review the patients record. 

Have a look at the Drug Monitoring article for further assistance with sending reminder invitations in batch, drug monitoring templates and DMARD pop-ups