Sometimes a medication will be prescribed by a hospital or another organisation, for example a DMARD. These should always be recorded on the patient record so that clinicians are not left unaware of any other medications the patient maybe taking. On SystmOne you can either record the medication as a standard 'Repeat' or use the 'Other Medication' functionality on SystmOne. Both options have pros and cons are discussed in further detail below.


Option 1: Record as a 'Repeat' - Preferred option


  • Far more visible, cannot be hidden
  • Will be merged into referrals and letters
  • Will definitely be identified in reports
  • Will be included in the Summary Care Record
  • Will show in the list of patients medications in SystmOnline 
  • Will merge in to all SystmOne documents
  • Will ensure all patient status alerts are active and any drug monitoring alerts are triggered correctly 


  • Must remember to configure the repeat correctly so that it does not get issued or initiated by the patient

Option 2: Record as '?Record Other Medication'


  • Does get merged into home visit print outs 
  • Is included in the Summary care Record


  • Is not always easily visible on the medications screens. If you chose to 'Hide This' section showing Other Medications when you click to view it again it does not always expand properly to allow visibility again without dragging the blue bar up the screen 
  • Not easily identified by a report
  • May not merge in referral letters and letters 
  • Doesn't show in the list of patients medications in SystmOnline 
  • All Ardens drug reports that generate the drug monitoring alerts are based on the medication being on their repeat medication list and this is not easily rectified so may not trigger drug monitoring protocols  
  • Clinicians often are not aware how to record 'Other Medication’ and can end up be recorded with a variety of ways

In Detail

Option 1: Record as a 'Repeat'

To do this:

  • Record the medication on the normal repeat medications screen 
  • Deselect the tick box 'Patient can initiate issues'
  • Deselect the tick box 'Repeat template can be reauthorised'. 
  • In the 'Dose box', 'Script notes' and 'Admin notes' write ‘ISSUED BY HOSPITAL – Please do NOT issue from GP Practice’. (This text could be added to your text presets for future use)
  • Set the total quantity to 1
  • Set the review date to the current date

This is how it looks in the record

Option 2: Record as '?Record Other Medication'

To record these in SystmOne right click on 'Medication' in the clinical tree and select  Record Other Medication

Complete the relevant details in the 'Record Other Medication' window and click OK

The medication is now recorded in the patients record it is added to the Medication view and to a separate 'Other Medication' section which is displayed under the 'Template Details' at the foot of the Repeat Templates view.

On the repeats view you can see at the bottom 'Other Medication' and a link to 'Hide This' 

Once you have clicked on 'Hide This' you can see from this screenshot that medication could easily be over looked.  To restore the view click on 'Click here to view 1 'other' medication'

There are a number of development requests that have already been submitted to TPP for Other Medications

f4420000 Create an 'Other medication' merge field so other medication can be merged into letter templates.

82320000 Make "Other Medication" section more visible when going into repeat templates

61d10000 Allow Other Medication to be recorded on SCR separately and remain on the SCR for > 12 months

a0d10000 I would like to be able to report on Other Medication

50020000 HOSPITAL DRUGS added to S1 do not highlight interactions with other medication on patients records

56420000 Reporting on Hospital medication