Patients on the 'Palliative Care' register should have an icon under the demographics. Click on this to open the 'End of Life & Palliative Care' template. On this template you will find a link to 'DS1500 Referral'. The leaflet link takes you to, this can be printed off for the patient and ticked to record that you have given the patient a leaflet 

There are then 3 steps to create and submit a DS1500 form, some of which could be completed by administration staff.

Step 1

Click on 'Doctors Report' which opens the form in the usual way. Complete all relevant information on the form and save it in the record. 

Please note 

The next 2 steps could be performed by admin staff. If this is the case in your practice click on 'New Task' to send a task to whichever staff member / group does this in your practice.

Step 2

The DWP insist that the form is emailed to them in a PDF format.  

Once you have saved the DS1500 you should see a new entry in the window labelled '2. Export as PDF' (see screen shot below) . Right click on this select Export > PDF. You will then be asked where do you want to save the PDF file? Please check local policies to see if there is a designated folder that you are directed to save these exports to. It could be that if you have a designated shared folder to store these that you could then send a task to admin to attach it to an email from there using the surgery mail account. Either way care should be taken as you are exporting patient data to a file outside of SystmOne. This is an Information Governance risk so If you do save it to you PC, because you have no choice, then it should be deleted (and your recycle bin emptied) as soon as you have finished with it. 

Step 3

The exported PDF DS1500 then needs to be emailed to the address on the template. If you have Outlook open you can click on the email link on the template which will open a new email for you to which you can attach the PDF file. 

Tick the 'Email sent' option to record that you have emailed it. 

Please note 

Some practices insist that these kind of communications are sent from the surgery mail account and not individual accounts. It is an Information Governance requirement that if you are sending patient identifiable data by email that it must from an mail account.  Again, at this point you could email the PDF to the surgery mail account for whoever monitors this to forward to the DWP email address and perhaps followed up with a task to say that it is ready to send.