This template can be found within Auto-Consultation >IMMS and INJECTIONS >Childhood Imms

Add this to your F12 Favourites for quick access too.

The Home tab on this template displays the current schedule for Childhood Immunisations, the window at the bottom section of the template shows previous vaccinations and any allergies.  To record a vaccination either click the blue hyperlink for the relevant age or select the tab along the top of the template to navigate to the section required.

The blue section contains tick boxes for you to code the patient is Fit for immunisations OR Not fit for imms, Consent given - along with a Consent Form that you can print out to be signed, record Advice given - with hyperlinks to leaflets, Given under PGDs or PSDs and a free text box to document who the child was seen with (brought in with).  You can also tick to record that you've given MenB advice to take paracetamol.

In the white section below click on the buttons to add the vaccination(s) in to SystmOne (these will show within the Vaccination node of the Clinical Tree in the patients record).

A selection of reports can also be found under Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Vaccinations > Childhood | Alerts

Click Bravery Certificates and select from the list available to print a certificate, this will merge the childs name