This template can be accessed from Auto Consultations > ardens NURSES & HCAS > ECG

There are also links to the ECG template from other templates where an ECG may be required such as BP Monitoring, AF Screening, Atrial Fibrilation etc.

You can add to your F12 favourites for quick access too.


Use the drop down menu in this section to add code for ECG Referral, if Ambulatory select code and use pencil icon to free text if 24hr/72hr/1w.

There is a quick button to send a Task if required.


Record ECG Type from the drop down menu (i.e. 12 lead ECG, Standard ECG, 24 hr ECG etc.)  There is a also a 24 hour diary sheet you can print out for your patient to take home

Tick to record Consent, ES Administration if applicable, code BP reading / pulse rate / pulse rhythm

If you need to record further vitals, click

Free text advice given or select from list of preset text  as follows:

Double click to add appropriate text:


Record ECG findings, rhythm from the drop down menus: 

To view interpretations, click on the Rhythm, Structure and Axis tabs.  Further information can be found here.


See Managing Loan Equipment article for recording ECG machines loaned to patients owned by the surgery.