1. CVD PP has two QOF indicators. 

1.1 CVD Register

Criteria:  A diagnosis of Hypertension within the last QOF year which must be a new episode and not in any of the following exclusions 

  • CKD
  • PAD
  • TIA
  • Stroke
  • CHD
  • Hypertension resolved
  • Diabetes
  • Familial hypercholesterolemia. 

1.2 PP001 - CVD risk assessment 

Criteria: Patients must have; a new diagnosis of hypertension aged 30 or over and who have not attained the age of 75, recorded between the preceding 1 April to 31 March (excluding those with pre-existing CHD, diabetes, stroke and/or TIA), who have a recorded CVD risk assessment score (using an assessment tool agreed with the NHS CB) of >=20% in the preceding 12 months: the percentage who are currently treated with statins.

These are often indicators that practices under achieve for QOF and find it difficult to identify patients.  

There are a number of reports available to help to identify patients. 

2. Missed Income, QOF 

These reports can be accessed from 'Reporting > Clinical Reporting > Ardens Ltd > Contracts | Current Financial Year | QOF > Missed income | Case finders'  

You can use these reports to identify and code possible patients with hypertension 

There are also some reports in  'Reporting > Clinical Reporting > Ardens Ltd > Contracts | Current Financial Year | QOF > Missed income | Indicators'


These reports can be used to identify newly diagnosed hypertensives who have not had a QRISK2 score recorded and the diagnosis has been recorded with no episodicity. 

3. Automatic Episodicity

This may help with CVD PP QOF indicators and can be very helpful for QOF registers that are specifically looking for a new episode of a diagnosis such as Hypertension. Go to 'Setup > Users & Policy > Organisational Preferences > Clinical Coding'. From here you can add a diagnosis cluster or remove one. 

The next time a diagnosis is recorded the clinician will be prompted to record it as a new episode.

NB: This screen should be reviewed as new versions of QOF are released. In the example above you can see one of the clusters than has been used has been retired. 


4. New Episodes of Hypertension Recorded in Previous QOF Years

If a patient record contains an earlier new diagnosis of Hypertension and is not coded as resolved. QOF will ignore any further new diagnosis in the current QOF year so coding resolved is important.

There is a report available that identifies patients who have a diagnosis of hypertension, a BP reading since 1st April of less than 140/80 and not on antihypertensive medications. This can be accessed at 'Reporting > Clinical Reporting > Ardens Ltd > Contracts | Current Financial Year | QOF > Missed income | Case resolved > ?Hypertension resolved as BP less than 140/80 + not on antihypertensives + coded as hypertension - review and add '21261'

Any patients that appear in the results should be reviewed and, if appropriate, coded as resolved '21261'.