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On Friday 21st June at 1pm, we will be hosting an introduction webinar for Ardens SystmOne.

The focus of this webinar will be an introduction to Ardens for Practice Managers but will include an overview of the functionality for both Administrative and Clinical roles.

We anticipate that this webinar will last around an hour and will follow the below agenda;


Hosted by: 

James Brown
Senior Product Specialist

How to join a webinar

There is no booking process for our webinars so make sure you connect early as these will be starting promptly. The webinar link will be active for participants to join at least 10 minutes before the start time.  To join the webinar please follow the instructions below. Under the terms of GDPR we are required to inform anyone attending that the webinars will be recorded for publishing online. Please see our Privacy Policy.

The best way of joining our webinars is to download the join.me app. You can do this here

Once you have downloaded the app, just type support.ardens in the Join box like the screenshot below;

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Participant options

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During the webinar

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  • Once the webinar has started all participants will be muted but you can post a question by using the chat speech bubble button 
  • At any point you wish to leave you can do so by clicking on the green button with the cross