There is now a requirement to code first and second invites with very specific codes. There is no longer a QOF requirement to send a third invite (cervical cytology still requires three invites). If the patient has been sent two invites a minimum of 7 days apart and has still not been reviewed then the patient will by default be exempt from QOF targets.

As with many of these changes it takes a while to get new codes released and in use on clinical systems and the LTC invite codes that Ardens has been (and still is) using are not included in the QOF business rules.

LTC review invite reports 

You may have noticed that on the 'LTC Review' reports we now have an additional code in brackets that needs to be recorded when you send your invites. 

This is a new generic invite code that covers all the LTC registers. You may also notice that this is a 'Y' code 'Y1f8f' which is mapped to '1109921000000106' SNOMED CT code 'Quality and Outcomes Framework quality indicator-related care invitation (procedure)'.

There are still third invite reports available and it is entirely up to each practice if you continue to send three invites or stop at just two.

Back dating new invite codes

There are two reports that will help practices to identify invites already sent this year. These will require coding back dated. These can be found at 'LTC Reviews > QOF v42 invite coding'.

Run each of these reports (a minimum of 7 days apart) right click and select 'Breakdown Results'. Select 'Coded Entries > Read Code' and 'Event Details > Event date (or month)'. You should now see a list on your screen broken down by date / month that you can bulk code.

Select each line in turn and right click 'Actions > Add Read Code' and using the red 'R' browse to 'Y1f8f  - Quality and Outcomes Framework quality indicator-related care invitation (procedure)'

NB: If you are not using the LTC review reports to send your recall letters then you need to be aware that there is a requirement to code. So please do review your recall / invite processes. 


For more information about the QOF business rules visit the NHS Digital website