Uploading Services Data from SystmOne

1. Go to SystmOne > Reporting > Clinical Reporting

2. Click on the folder of reports which you would like to upload from the folder tree. Please ensure that 'Show sub-category reports in category folders' is ticked in the bottom left of the screen.

In SystmOne you can only run a maximum of 150 reports at a time therefore:

If the number of reports in brackets after the folder name is:

    Less than 150, i.e. Vaccinations > Ardens Manager Upload (146)

    Click on the dotted square to select all the reports and then click on the green triangle to run.

    More than 150, i.e. Cardiovascular (263)

    Select the first 150 reports by clicking and dragging down on the first report and looking at the number selected at the bottom of the screen, right click > Run.

    Then repeat this step starting where you left off until all the reports in the folder have been run.

3. Once the reports have been run for your chosen area, please right click on any report > Open as CSV.

Information uploaded to Ardens Manager is always anonymous and never contains any Patient Identifiable data (PID).

4. Next, press Ctrl+A to highlight all the reports followed by Ctrl+C to copy. 

Then, return to Ardens Manager and find the task named 'Upload Service Reports'. 

Open this task, click on the empty box and hit Ctrl+V to paste the reports into the box. Next, click import.

If an error message is displayed stating you have missing reports, please ensure you have run all the reports in the folder on SystmOne.