The template can be found on the Reception and Administration template either under Auto-Consultations - ardens OTHER PROFESSIONALS, by clicking on the button on the tool bar or it can be added as a shortcut to F12 for quick access.

An administrator can log urgent test results received from the local pathology services via telephone.

When the results have been added to the relevant laboratory field, they can be viewed in the Journal as a free texted numerical entry.  The results will be read coded formally when the lab results are filed electronically by a clinician.

To inform the clinician of the results, an Instant Message, Task or an update on the clinicians Appointment screen can be completed from the template.

Note: It is possible to formally code the results through the Blood Results button.

This template is useful for recording results received via paper and will not therefore be received electronically.

Don't forget to OK the template and Save the record when finished.