The Social Prescribing template can be found under Auto-Consultation> ardens OTHER PROFESSIONALS

There is also a link to it within the Reception & Administration template which can be accessed by clicking the bell iconon the toolbar. You can also add this as a separate button to your toolbar or add it to F12 for quick access.

The blue stars represent codes that need to be recorded as part of the PCN DES contract and allow these codes to be audited.  All other sections of the template are optional and provide useful codes/links that you my wish to use.

There is an 'Assessment Form' available for you to print, this will auto populate with patients details etc. 

The Assessment, Signposting & Management sections allow you to document appropriate codes from the drop down functions but click the link along side these to document in more detail.

Alongside the Lifestyle service and Mental wellbeing service codes you'll find leaflets which contain contact details of relevant services (some of which are local to your specific area). These can be given to the patient enabling them to contact the service directly themselves.

The is useful to bring all the collected information into a letter for the patient to take away. Any information added into the notes option on the template will also be included in the summary letter. NB - To include data in the summary letter that has just been newly added to the template, either suspend or click Ok on the template, reopen and click Write Summary Letter.

There is also a link to the Communications template where you can find all local referral forms.

The Follow Up template allows you to book appointments, send tasks, create recalls & reminders etc.

Don't forget to OK the template and Save the record when completed.

There are also some clinical reports that can be used to monitor activity that can be found under 'Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Team Activity > Social Prescribing | Activity Last Month'