The 6-8 Week Baby Review Template can be found under Auto-Consultation - ardens CONSULATIONS A to B - Baby Check (6-8 Week) or by searching in the bottom left-hand bar of SystmOne.

Note: If you regularly use the 6-8 Week Baby Review Template it may be useful to add this to your F12 Favourites for quick access.

The template is split into 3 sections; Assessment, Impression and Management.


This includes the 6 to 8 week check read code that can be ticked, when the assessment is completed along with an area to type up some history and examination notes.  The template also includes drop down read code boxes for feeding, smoking and birthmarks.

Note: If the 6 to 8 week check tick box has anext to it, this is a code required for Local Enhanced Services and will need to be ticked for payment purposes.

To complete the baby checklist, click on the.  We have also provided the end user with a shortcut to the SystmOne  .  It is also possible to record any birth details through the template.  The Faltering Growth template may also be useful in some circumstances.

The Baby Examination Checklist template allows you to record the patients examination findings along with any numerical recordings.  If you need to add notes for any problem areas, you can do this by clicking on the pencil icon.


This is a dropdown box to mark the examination as normal or abnormal by choosing the relevant read code.


This section includes a box to free text the plan along with read codes for advice on different areas along with a recommended code for Red book completed + given to appropriate parties.  The ^character at the start of any template option denotes that the code linked to this is recommended and a pop will display this if it hasn't been selected.

There is also a shortcut to an immunisations template and a shortcut to the template. The  is also available at the bottom of the template. The Crying Baby template has some helpful management resources.

Please see here for Neonatal Check or for Postnatal Maternity Review.