You can access the Musculoskeletal / First Contact Practitioner template via Auto-Consultation > Ardens Other Professionals. Alternatively, add this template to your F12 favourites as a shortcut, or search for the template in the bottom left of S1.

Below is a short video overview of the template, followed by some further information: 

There are several tabs included on the Musculoskeletal / FCP template which are covered in more detail below.


The history section is used to appropriately record details about the patient’s appointment, history and background information. Clinicians can make use of the body chart and VAS to collate key subjective information. There are tools to help such as the Oxford, STarT Back and CTS scores. There are also links to other specific MSK templates. In the background section there is a medical history reconciled tick box and a link to the view tab for you to review all medical information. This may save time during your consultation reducing the risk of duplication. There are free text boxes to input any further information that may not have been documented in the view tab.


Here you can record use of a chaperone and any objective findings, red and yellow flag information. In the flags section, you can manually input information or automatically input pre-sets by clicking the document icon next to each box.


The management section can be used to record the clinical impression, appointment type and management plan. There are multiple drop-down coded options to document any investigations you are arranging, any interventions and treatments you have given during your consultation or any referrals you are making to additional services. There are links on the right hand-side to other Ardens templates including the analgesia formulary, fitness for work statement, care plans and much more. Finally, you can record and request further follow-up appointments.


The view tab will automatically show you the patients medical records including: PMH, allergies/sensitivities, relevant investigations and more. Here you can reconcile the medical history during your consultation without having to leave the Musculoskeletal / First Contact Practitioner template.


Within this tab you have access to signposting resources which your patient may find useful and there are links to CKS guidance for clinical support.

Finally, if you need any help please click help & feedback  in the top right hand corner of the template and click contact us if you wish to fill in the online form for help.

FCP reports

The S1 FCP reports are helpful for monitoring and collecting information from the Musculoskeletal / First Contact Practitioner template. These reports have been purposefully built to align with and surpass the expectations of the current standardised national dataset. 

The FCP criteria includes a multitude of reporting suggestions. However, some of these are impossible to use meaningfully within S1. This is partly due to how information is recorded, and the type of activity done by GPs and FCPs. Sadly, this means that a minority of the FCP criteria and some localised data requests are currently not being captured which is therefore not possible to report on.

To access the FCP reports within SystmOne click reporting > clinical reporting > Ardens ltd folder > Team activity > First Contact Practitioner: Activity in the last month or activity in the last year. You can select single reports, multiple reports or all of the reports within these folders by clicking the grey serrated box icon. Once you have selected the reports you wish to run, click the green play button. You can then click export in the menu bar to transfer the data to an excel file. These reports can also be uploaded to Ardens manager.

Please see the following video for further information: