Given the on-going First-Contact Practitioner (FCP) mobilisation, Ardens are committed to providing a robust toolkit for FCP Physiotherapists and musculoskeletal practitioners. We have made some recent changes to our available MSK templates and are continuing to develop new resources which we would like to tell our users about. 

On Wednesday 1st April 2020 at 12:30 PM

We will be delivering a short webinar explaining the MSK / FCP template, our new MSK body part specific templates and new possible condition templates that are now available. 

The webinar will aim to provide you with a good understanding of the templates usable functions and help you to navigate the templates during clinical consultation.

If you are unable to make this webinar, you may wish to browse our relevant support articles and watch our available videos which explain these resources further, please see our Musculoskeletal and First Contact Practitioner support article and our MSK presentations - Back Pain. support article for more details. 

How to join a webinar

There is no booking process for our webinars so make sure you connect early as these will be starting promptly. The webinar link will be active for participants to join at least 10 minutes before the start time.  To join the webinar please follow the instructions below. Under the terms of GDPR we are required to inform anyone attending that the webinars will be recorded for publishing online. Please see our Privacy Policy.

The best way of joining our webinars is to download the app. You can do this here

Once you have downloaded the app, just type support.ardens in the Join box like the screenshot below;

If you haven't downloaded the app, you can also join via your web browser. Please note, joining via web browser isn't as reliable as using the app and can sometimes experience lag between the audio and video. To join via your web browser please click the following link; 

then enter your name and click Join.

Participant options

  • Once connected to the webinar you need to select your preferred audio options; 
    • The recommended option for audio is by phone. If you are using a set of headphones without a microphone then you may not be able to hear the webinar

During the webinar

  • Please ensure that if you have a web cam attached to your computer that it is turned off
  • Once the webinar has started all participants will be muted but you can post a question by using the chat speech bubble button 
  • At any point you wish to leave you can do so by clicking on the green button with the cross