Access the LNG-IUS template by going to Auto-Consultations > ardens PROCEDURES and CONSENT FORMS > LNG-IUS. Alternatively, add the template to the F12 launcher for quick access.

There are five main tabs: Assessment, Fitting, Review, Replacement, Removal.


Considered - Tick to record that pregnancy, fitting timing and other contraception have been discussed.  

Assign a UK MEC risk score using the drop-down menu or click to open the UK MEC Risk template:

Discussed - Allows you to record that risks and benefits have been discussed.  These are noted in grey writing next to the section.  

Discuss or prescribe condoms.  Consider safeguarding, STIs or give a leaflet and advice to check threads.

The scripts can be generated by clicking the relevant buttons:

Discuss if they are overdue a Smear, record consent and book the next appointment using Follow-Up.

Note: It is possible to add notes when ticking the boxes by using the pencil icon


Note: Ensure fields marked with a Blue Star are completed as these codes are required for payment.

A Consent Form can be printed and give to patient to sign if not done so previously.  Tick the box to also record consent given.

Tick for IUS insertion as this code is required for payment. You can also add a batch number & expiry date.

A Leaflet for Advice After Fitting can be printed for the patient and tick box to record this and Expiry date card given.

Link to Follow Up template to book any further appointments if needed.


Tick the relevant Check code indicated with a Blue Star

Record Confirmation section or any Complications.

In the Other section there is a space to record any other Notes if necessary, and a link to the Follow Up template.


This tab is for removing and replacing the device in the same appointment

Tick the relevant Blue Star to ensure payment reason, removed, inserted

Generate a script if necessary by clicking the relevant option:

Record Batch Number & Expiry Date

Print out Advice After Fitting leaflet and tick box to record this.


The first section allows you to record the relevant timing codes, with any guidance in grey text to the side.

Pre-procedure record Contraceptive and Pregnancy advice.  There is also a link to the Contraception template if giving an alternative.

Don't forget to complete the fields marked with a Blue Star to ensure payment.

Use the Follow Up link to book any further appointments needed.