Last review date 03/02/2023

In each CCG where Ardens has been deployed it is crucial that there is a named individual who will act as the Document Lead that we can liaise with to gain clarification and approval. All referral forms should ideally be sent to Ardens from the CCG Document Lead. 

SystmOne practices can find out who their CCG Document Lead is from the home screen of the orange arrow Communications template.  EMIS practices should have been informed by the CCG about who their CCG Document Lead is. 


All new referral forms or amendment requests for SystmOne and/or EMIS should be emailed to


The Ardens Document Coordinators will acknowledge receipt and may ask for further clarification to ensure the changes are approved by the CCG or other agreed organisation. 

Approved by Document Lead

Once approved, the document will be distributed internally to the relevant team to process and add or update SystmOne and/or EMIS Web.

Key Performance Indicators


Action and Timeline

Non-urgent Change Request, Updates 

1. Acknowledged within 5 working days

2. Implemented in all SystmOne sites and EMIS Web sites within 20 working days.

Urgent Change Request, Updates 

1. Resolution agreed within 5 working days of request.

2. Implemented in all SystmOne sites and EMIS Web sites within 5 working days.

Completion Notification

Once the document is ready for use the CCG Document Lead and sender will be notified. 

Further details of Ardens key performance indicators, escalation and complaints can be found here