Structured Medication Review 

The Drug Review template can support practices with a comprehensive medication review for the patient, aligning with the NCD PCN DES 2021/22 requirements. 


The Drug Review template can be accessed in one of the following ways:

  • under Auto Consultation - ardens GENERAL – Drug Review-DRUM 
  • Search in the bottom left-hand search box on SystmOne by typing ‘drug review’
  • Adding to your F12 favourites


The template has been broken down by pages across the top, enabling navigation to the page required to complete the relevant fields.  From this template, it is possible to access drug monitoring templates, formularies, a tool to assess compliance, anticholinergic burden and many other useful links and resources.   



The blue star indicates a payment associated with a national contract. 


There is a search to assist you in identifying eligible patients for an SMR.   This can be found in 'Reporting > Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Contracts | 2021 22 | NCD PCN DES > a Work to do > SMR | Record SMR – All.