At the beginning of the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme there were not any specified code-sets or business rules for Cohort 6. The NHS England guidance at the time was to follow the Green Book guidance which our Ardens reports did and still do. 


Recent guidance from NHS Digital is now that the PRIMIS reports on SystmOne should be used to identify Cohort 6. These reports identify more patients than the Ardens reports and so rather than changing and confusing our existing reports we have created a report to identify patients in the PRIMIS Cohort 6 reports who are not in the Ardens Cohort 6 reports. The practice can therefore review these patients and make a decision with regards to sending out additional invitations for Cohort 6.


Please note that the PRIMIS reports do not exclude other Cohorts, this means that a patient may appear in more than one cohort and may therefore have two icons under their name or be mentioned twice in the view on the template. The reports also include a number of other codes like 'fatty liver' and do not exclude patients with a condition that has now resolved (eg AF resolved). This is the nationally approved code-set and business rules that practice data will be extracted against though.


Please see the screenshots below for the additional reports, alert and view that has been added.


  • COVID 19 | 1 Cohorts
  • COVID 19 | 3 Eligible
  • COVID 19 I 4 Invites for 1st vaccine I All
  • COVID 19 I 7 Activity


Template and View