Many practices are struggling to achieve the new indicators this year for Cancer.

  • CAN004 - Cancer care review within 12 months of diagnosis
  • CAN005 - Support information within 3 months of diagnosis

There is an issue where a patient has been diagnosed with cancer since the start of the QOF year and the 'Support Information' has been given to the patient and coded. If you use the QOF Timeline you will see that CAN005 is still not achieved and states other conditions have not been met and CAN004 is exempt and greyed out.   

This means that for QOF you may not be able to achieve payment targets for CAN005 and there will be no QOF alerts showing for CAN004 as the patient is exempt. 

It is important that practices go to 'Reporting > QOF Indicators' and on the left-hand side click on 'Excluded Patients' and you should see a list similar to below. Under 'Cancer', if you look at 'CAN004 - R5 - CAN_DAT - DIagnosis in the 12 months before the PPES, with no MDRV' these are your newly diagnosed cancer patients this QOF year who are exempt and will potentially be affected by this anomaly.

When you record the 'Cancer Care Review' you can see in the QOF Timeline example below that both indicators become achieved. However, unless you look at the 'Excluded Patients' on the screen above you might miss these as there will be no QOF alert showing for CAN004 Review within 12m of diagnosis but you won't be able to clear the QOF alert for CAN005 Support Information within 3m of diagnosis.